The Leadership Roundtable offers 22 educational resource packets for Catholic dioceses, parishes and nonprofit organizations interested in implementing various portions of the Standards for Excellence. The educational resource packets include information on the importance of implementing specific standards, justification for the standards, best practices associated with the issue, model procedures and sample policies.

The Standards for Excellence educational resource packets were prepared by conducting an exhaustive review of the literature on the particular topic, pulling the most useful information, creating original materials (including model policies) where the available information is not sufficient, and packaging the materials in an easy to use format.  Collectively, the 22 packets cover each of the 55 standards in the Standards for Excellence, including:

  • How to involve your pastoral and finance councils in assessing your progress toward achieving your mission.
  • How to develop human resource policies that are fair, establish clear expectations, and provide for meaningful and effective performance evaluation.
  • How to assure that conflicts of interest among council members, staff and volunteers are promptly disclosed and addressed.
  • What policies and practices are needed for effective financial controls and accurate financial reporting.
  • What procedures assist in the selection, assignment, training and support of volunteers in ministry programs.
  • How to assure a donor’s privacy is respected.
  • When financial statements should be subject to an audit.
  • What information should be shared with parishioners and the public on a regular basis.
  • And much more….

The Education Resource Packets are reproduced under license from the Standards for Excellence Institute.  Each packet has been customized for the parish, diocese or Catholic nonprofit sector.  Sample policies and model procedures have been gathered from a variety of Catholic organizations. 

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