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Leadership Roundtable Resources from Mid-Atlantic Congress

1.1 Fowler and Denio: Best Practices in the Management of People
1.2 Eriksen: Best Practices in Financial Management
1.3 Cheesebrow: How to Avoid Death by Trivial Pursuit: Best Practices for Developing Successful Advisory Councils
1.4 Lundholm-Eades and Brough: Leading Mission-Focused, Well-Managed Diocesan Offices and Services
2.1 Fowler: You’re Hired!  Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining the Right People for the Job
2.2 Eriksen and Corcoran: Budgeting and Managing Cash Flow: Making Assumptions and Predictions That Work
2.3 Cheesebrow and Perri: Best Practices for Transitions: Reorganizing, Collaborating, Merging and Clustering Parishes
2.4 Lundholm-Eades: Serving the Needs of Parishes and Schools: An Integrated Approach to Strengthening Parishes and Schools
3.1 Perri: Leading Individuals and Teams to Higher Personal and Ministerial Performance
3.2 Corcoran: Bake Sale and Bingo or Balance Sheet and Budget? The Difference between Fundraising and Financial Planning
3.3 Denio: Getting and Measuring Results: Assessing Standards for Management Best Practices in Parishes
3.3A Parish Self-Assessment
3.4 Lundholm-Eades and Cheesebrow: Reorganizing Parishes and Schools for Viability
4.1 Fowler and Corcoran: Managing Successful Transitions:  Resignations, Terminations, Retirements and Succession Planning
4.2 Eriksen and Denio: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Transparency and Accountability: Financial Reporting in Your Parish
4.3 Cheesebrow: Best Practices for Long Range Planning: Gaining an Understanding of the Whole Parish System
4.4 Lundholm-Eades and Perri: Developing Leadership Skills in the Chancery: A Catholic Approach to Leadership Development