2011 Annual Meeting (Click here for information on the Regional Roundtable meetings).

From Aspirations to Action:
Solutions for America's Catholic Schools
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2011 Annual Meeting

Video presentations of the plenary sessions from the 2011 Annual Meeting.

2011 Leadership Roundtable Update Setting the Stage for Impactful Advocacy


Management, Finances, and HR for Catholic Schools

Photos from the 2011 Annual Meeting


Meeting summary

Creating sustainable models for our schools is a formidable challenge, one that must encompass the best ideas from every sector. Together, we intend to harness the collective contributions, models of success, salient insights and best practices to save and strengthen Catholic school systems, ensuring that future generations of students will continue to have access to the gifts of Catholic education.

This gathering of Catholic leaders seeks to capture the best ideas for our schools and create 15-20 recommendations that the Church can implement immediately to ensure Catholic schools are healthy and sustainable. The meeting will be highly participatory through a series of working sessions designed to give voice to the perspective and insight of all participants.

From Aspirations to Action: Solutions for America's Catholic Schools
June 22-23, 2011
Georgetown University, Washington DC

For more information, contact Michael O'Loughlin at (202) 223-8962 x18, or email info@nlrcm.org.

Changing Our World Faith Direct

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