The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania
June 23-25, 2010


A Blueprint for Responsibility:
Responding to Crises with Collaborative Solutions

Internal and external events continue to impact every dimension of the Catholic Church both at home and abroad. Many Catholic institutions remain shaken from the aftermath of the global recession, mired in an environment that challenges even the most well managed parishes, dioceses and Catholic nonprofit organizations. Internally, episodes of abuse and mismanagement from the past several decades that are now coming to light in Europe and elsewhere challenge clergy, religious and laity to share responsibility and promote accountability in all aspects of Church life. While the crises are serious, there is hope.

2010 Annual Meeting


The Leadership Roundtable’s 2010 Annual Meeting addresses these twin crises facing the Church: the ongoing economic crisis and the reemerging crisis of clergy sexual abuse and accountability. Church leaders and experts will explore ways the Catholic community has responded to the sex abuse and mismanagement crisis here, highlighting the lessons learned from the American experience, promoting what worked and seeking understanding and clarity from what didn’t. Management, finance and communications experts will consider strategies for Catholic organizations to emerge from the current reality stronger, offering practical models of best practice in consultation, management, finances and fundraising. With a focus on transforming organizations to be worthy of continued and perennial generosity, participants are to discuss paramount organizational attributes that donors and all the faithful expect: accountability, transparency, and integrity.

The Church faces a prodigious yet surmountable obstacle, and this dynamic conference aims to be a part of the solution, one that envisions the Church with the necessary resources to continue faithfully living out the call of Christ to care for all God’s people.

The Leadership Roundtable brings together senior Catholic leaders from the Church, philanthropic, business, education and nonprofit sectors. Bishops, priests, women and men religious, vicars general, diocesan CFOs, and directors of stewardship gather around the table with the chairs, CEOs, CFOs, and investors from top global corporations and nonprofit organizations, university presidents and Catholic philanthropists, all working together in service to the Church.

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