The Wharton School - June 26-27, 2008
The University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Managerial Excellence:
Engaging the Faith Community in Leadership in the Church Today

How do Catholic leaders demonstrate the pastoral, moral, managerial and financial leadership our Church requires and deserves? What can we learn from successful leaders within and beyond the Church that will help us to meet our contemporary challenges, particularly with respect to managing the modern parish?

Well managed, responsibly governed, ethical Church institutions and organizations more effectively achieve the mission of Christ. We are aiming high when we call for and promote standards for excellence, but the Church deserves nothing less. By committing ourselves to best practices and detailed performance benchmarks, we strengthen our operations and ensure accountability.

Our annual meeting this year featured outstanding leaders who are committed to excellence and are confident that ever greater levels of managerial effectiveness can be achieved at the parish level. Our deliberations focused on specific strategies and practical recommendations for strengthening the leadership capacity and effectiveness of Catholic Church leaders – lay and ordained.



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Managerial Excellence: Engaging the Faith Community in Leadership in the Church Today
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